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Danial Schon is a celebrated name in the global real estate market. His extraordinary talents began weaving a chronology of success stories, leaving the real estate market impressed with the young entrepreneur.

He is committed to introducing new technologies in the realm of real estate to serve the global community more efficiently.

Danial Schon completed his studies from The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and at the age of 22 made an impressive commission of US $27 million. Soon after, he researched the real estate market of Dubai and identified a gap in the market. He used his wisdom and entered the property market of Dubai with an aspiring vision. He had great plans, but the real estate market crash of 2009 made him rethink his goals. The challenges he faced enabled him to raise over USD 150 million for development projects. Even amidst all the chaos, he delivered a property of around 1.6 million square feet. Before setting foot outside Dubai, he met with an investor and sold a huge estate for a handsome profit.

After accomplishing his goals in Dubai, he moved on to other real estate markets such as the UK and the US. Finally, he set his feet on the soil of Pakistan to uplift the property market in the country. New digital technologies continue to emerge every day, and they can help real estate developers in every aspect of their projects.

Danial believes that the real estate industry of Pakistan has untapped potential. It can be utilized to provide investors and property buyers with a lucrative market. He thinks like a philanthropist and wants to help the people become independent. His philanthropic activities include a private endowment to empower ambitious young entrepreneurs. He understands that the people of Pakistan have the potential to transform the economy of the country. He believes that common people can rise and take command to shape a brighter future.

Pakistan is in a state of economic turmoil. It can turn into a flourishing economy by solving the social problems of the country. These social problems can be solved with entrepreneurship and enterprise. He thinks that it is his duty, as an entrepreneur, to inspire others towards this path and lead them into a future where everyone has an equal opportunity to follow their dreams.